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SleepTite/SleepRite™ is designed to help patients with nighttime eyelid closure issues. Patients who experience exposure problems at night as well as exposure from partial blinking, can be recalcitrant to DED treatments and often have corresponding MGD as well. Until now there has not been a reliable method to address the problem of nighttime exposure in the recalcitrant patient. SleepTite/SleepRite™ allows the eye lid to remain sealed shut during sleep, allowing it to function normally to protect the cornea and conjunctiva all night long. The product is easy to apply and use, and has a porous latex free design. It is available for patients with both regular and sensitive skin types, and will be sold in boxes of 30 pair.

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Directions for Use

• Each card has two eye covers that can be applied universally to either eye.

• Remove the eye cover from the card using the colored tab.

• Position and place the eye cover over the patient’s closed eye. The tab can be oriented laterally or medially for best fit. Gently seal the cover by running a finger around the entire edge of the oval.

• Device can be used for the duration of the procedure (up to 6hrs), or overnight if directed by your doctor. Eye covers are translucent and allows visual inspection of the eye throughout the procedure.

• Remove the eye cover by gently grasping the colored tab and pulling in a downward direction so that the eye is not opened during removal.

• Dispose of the eye cover.


• If a gel or other eye medication is to be used, place it in the eye and wipe away excess before applying the eye cover.

• The eye cover was developed for use during general anesthesia. If used in other environments, extended use is not recommended, although overnight usage as directed by a physician has been demonstrated to be safe. The eye should be examined periodically to ensure that there is no redness or other negative reaction before placing a second eye cover on the patient.

• This device is single use only. Reuse of this device may lead to patient cross contamination and/or device failure.

• Care should be taken not to touch the other surfaces with the eye cover before placing on the eye. Doing so could promote cross contamination.

• Any serious incident resulting from the use of the device, please report the incident to us, physician, and your local health competent authority.